UX Writing for the Mayple deep job platform.
Matching eComm SMBs with the top digital marketers.


Mayple is a deep job platform which matches eComm SMBs to the top 5% of digital marketers – It also provides tools to make the marketing journey seamless, intuitive, and successful.

To comply with my non-disclosure agreement, I have omitted and obfuscated confidential information in this case study. All information in this case study is my own and does not necessarily reflect the views of Mayple.

My Role

I was brought on as the first UX writer. My main responsibilities were:

1. Understand our user base and define the voice of the product so that it speaks in “their language.”

2. Write copy for the product including onboarding flows, error messages, dashboards, and much more. 

3. Make sure the team uses Mayple voice and the correct tone for every interaction with our users.

4. User research and feature definition: User interviews, user testing, mapping out user stories, and heuristic evaluation.


Ad-Spend Updater

In this example I’ll be focusing on my most recent project.
The Ad-Spend updater.


Our freelance “paid media” marketing experts are paid based on their total ad-spend. Because of that, they need to update their ad-spend before the 4th of each month or the billing/payout gets messed up. This used to be achieved by having the account managers call every freelancer and then we would update it manually in our system. Our goal with this feature was to reduce error, improve efficiency, and empower the freelancers.

Per Project or Per Freelancer?

The product designer and I interviewed several of our freelance marketers and came to the conclusion that for ease of use it would be better to have one centralized location where a freelancer could update all of their projects at the same time. 

MVP: We had a huge functionality wish list  for this feature but decided to keep it small the first time around and then iterate from there.


Starting on the 1st of the month we put a banner on the main page of the expert side interface.

From a writing perspective it was important for me to make three things clear.
1. The deadline and amount of time remaining
2. The consequence for not completing this action

The feature

The copy on this feature was short, sweet, and made using this feature easy to understand.

The Ad-Spend updater


We knew our user base didn’t always go into our platform at the beginning of the month. In order to make sure that our users knew they had an action to do, I wrote a series of automated emails nudging them onto the platform so we could be sure to pay them on time.
Check out the email templates below!

Other projects at Mayple

Over the course of the year I spent at Mayple I worked on many projects including:

  • Revamping the freelance side interface
  • Completely overhauling the onboarding flow
  • Improving the client side “deep brief”
  • Rewriting the payments and payout pages
  • Writing the “project opportunity” flow
  • Automating manual processes and emails
  • Writing release notes for internal and external use

And much more… Check out a small selection of my Mayple writing below.

Gallery of some stuff I wrote at Mayple

Enjoyed this case study? Shoot me an email and let’s start collaborating!

Built by Toby Trachtman. Illustrations by Blush and Flaticon

Enjoyed this case study?
Shoot me an email and let’s start collaborating!

Built by Toby Trachtman. Illustrations by Blush and Flaticon